who is paar?

paar is smart.
paar is confident.
paar is to the point.
paar is reassuring.
paar’s strong enough to stand on its laurels.

what does paar do?

paar can navigate an increasingly dense jungle.
paar can see where you spend.
paar can show you how to spend in new ways.
paar can adjust to a changing landscape.
paar can learn.
paar can adapt faster than you realize it needs to.

who isn't paar?

paar is not a salesperson.
paar is not a scary robot who might run over your dog.
paar isn’t trying to sell you anything.
paar is not physical.
paar is not what you’re used to.

what doesn't paar do?

paar doesn’t pretend to care about your family life.
paar’s not going to half-heartedly congratulate you when your kid graduates from 2nd grade.
paar’s not taking you for 18 holes on that course you’ve been dying to play.
paar is not trying to waste your money.
paar doesn’t promise.

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